ATTITUDE STHLM is the largest and leading public fashion- and lifestyle fair in Scandinavia connecting consumers and brands and with focus on the latest news. The tradeshow is open for the public and attracts over 30,000 visitors each year.

ATTITUDE-STHLM will launch a new global marketplace and World-leading Omni-channel platform where Attitude Influencer Network called the A-CIRQ will be a key part. Together with the 250,000 online subscribers in the Attitude Community, editorials and social media Influencers it will be a great start for the launch later this year.

ATTITUDE STHLM, is the provider of and in the process of developing an innovative world-leading digital media tech- platform, to meet the existing and new age market needs of reaching women and men with an interest in fashion, beauty, music & lifestyle products, backed by a unique network of 250,000 highly curated micro-influencers and brands.